MemSQL tools settings to look for different port



I have a testing box where both the mysql and memsql are installed, since mysql default port is same as memsql we have installed memsql with different port. Now that I have upgraded my memsql to 6.7.18 and also installed the memsql management tools on it.

The issue I am facing is that, when using the memsql tools,I am not able to see the cluster(master/leaf nodes) however with memsql-ops commands I do see them

MemSQL Tools example:

    [17.1.0:vagrant@feature-114:1 ~]$ memsql-admin show-leaves
    failed to find host with master: no master aggregator found in this cluster

memsql-ops example:

[17.1.0:vagrant@feature-114:1 ~]$ memsql-ops memsql-list
 ID       Agent Id  Process State  Cluster State  Role    Host       Port   Version 
 66242E5  A37f783   RUNNING        CONNECTED      MASTER  43306  6.7.18  
 3CCD328  A37f783   RUNNING        CONNECTED      LEAF  43307  6.7.18


To start using MemSQL Tools with an existing cluster, you need to run to register each node with Tools.


Even after registering I am still getting the same issue

[17.1.0:vagrant@feature-114:0 lib]$ memsql-ops memsql-list
ID Agent Id Process State Cluster State Role Host Port Version
66342E5 A37f783 RUNNING CONNECTED MASTER 43306 6.7.18
3C2D328 A37f783 RUNNING CONNECTED LEAF 43307 6.7.18
[17.1.0:vagrant@feature-114:0 lib]$ memsql-toolbox-config list-hosts
| Host | Local Host | SSH address | Identity File |
| | Yes | | |
[17.1.0:vagrant@feature-114:0 lib]$ memsql-admin list-nodes
✘ Failed to list nodes on all hosts: failed to list nodes on 1 host:
No nodes found
[17.1.0:vagrant@feature-114:0 lib]$

I have tried the other way aswell

[17.1.0:vagrant@feature-114:0 lib]$ memsql-admin register-node --host --port 43306 --memsql-config /var/lib/memsql/master-43306-MIa4c4bbc0/memsql.cnf

could not determine memsqlctl user: error running memsqlctl: failed to start command: "memsqlctl" "--json" "--yes" "env": exec: “memsqlctl”: executable file not found in $PATH


Memsql-toolbox-config register-host doesn't look for loopback IP or port

@jack Thanks , can you please suggest solutions what I have to follow for the upgrade.

List of issues:

We have AWS image where we create and tear it off very often, this AWS image is just a single host and memsql is installed with different ports(43306 master,43307 leaf). I have successfully upgraded with memsql ops.

We have later installed memsql tools with which all the issues I am facing with.

  1. We would like to register this IP( common for every AWS EC2 created irrespective of its original IP . This was easier through memsql-ops but not with memsql tool command line we are facing issues using common IP for master and leaf.
  2. Even with registering I couldn’t add nodes (at one point I have completely uninstalled and followed the document but then I was able to register and point the master node but failed with leaf node)
  3. I think the problem seems to be with memsqlctl and nodes.hcl, is there something we need to add these files manually and add some config in it.