Memsql-toolbox-config register-host doesn't look for loopback IP or port



I have a single host box where I have upgraded my memsql service to 6.8.1 using memsql-ops. But when try to check the nodes with the memsql tools commands it is not looking at the existing once which memsql-ops could see. I have also registered the host, but still facing the issue. Can you please direct what else need to be changed here

[17.1.0:root@feature-114:0 vagrant]#  memsql-toolbox-config register-host --host
Toolbox is about to register the following host:
  · Host:
  · Localhost: false

Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
root@'s password: 
✓ Successfully registered host
|   Host    | Local Host | SSH address | Identity File |
| | No         |             |               |
[17.1.0:root@feature-114:0 vagrant]# memsql-ops memsql-list
 ID       Agent Id  Process State  Cluster State  Role    Host       Port   Version 
 66342E4  A37f784   RUNNING        CONNECTED      MASTER  43306  6.8.1   
 3C2D323  A37f784   RUNNING        CONNECTED      LEAF  43307  6.8.1   
[17.1.0:root@feature-114:0 vagrant]# memsql-admin list-nodes
✘ Failed to list nodes on all hosts: failed to list nodes on 1 host:
No nodes found


I see you posted this as a reply on MemSQL tools settings to look for different port as well, let’s use that thread.