MemSQL Operator Uses Same LoadBalancerIP for DDL and DML

When overwriting the loadBalancerIp in the serviceSpec of the memsql-cluster.yml file, the same IP gets applied to the DDL and DML service. Which, in my case, is preventing me from logging in as a non root/admin user. Is there a way to specify DDL and DML load balancer IPs?

Running MemSQL/Operator:de65d489
Running MemSQL/Node:6.8.9-24b9cbd386
On GKE version: 1.13.7-gke.8

Hello dflintosh,

It would be interesting to see your memql-cluster.yaml file minus the license key and password hash. Can you provide more information around why you’re overwriting the loadBalancerIP

The MemSQL Operator implements a DDL and DML services.

The DDL and DML services are setup as LoadBalancer services and point at aggregators in the cluster.
Currently, the DDL service only points at the Master Aggregator, and the DML service points only at Child Aggregators. If no Child Aggregator exists no DML service is created.

Can you provide me with an output of get all -o wide for the memsq cluster?

Kind regards,

Here is the cluster YAML. We want to overwrite the load balancer IP so we can have a static IP associated with the cluster. We were able to accomplish this by patching in previous versions of the MemSQL Operator (which we’ve since rolled back to using). As mentioned, the overwriting of the IP works with this, but it overwrites both the DML and DDL with the same IP address.

Since we have rolled back our deployment, I’m not sure giving you my get all-o wide output would matter.

kind: MemsqlCluster
  name: memsql-cluster
  license: ___LICENSE___
  adminHashedPassword: ___ADMIN_PASSWORD___
    repository: memsql/node
    tag: 6.8.9-24b9cbd386
  redundancyLevel: 1

    count: ___AGGREGATOR_COUNT___
    height: 0.5
    storageGB: 256
    storageClass: standard

    count: ___LEAF_COUNT___
    height: 0.75
    storageGB: 256
    storageClass: standard

    type: "LoadBalancer"
    loadBalancerIP: "___SERVICE_EXTERNAL_IP___"
    externalTrafficPolicy: "Local"