Memsql Installation and Cluster setup



I am trying to setup a cluster in local host(single host) with just master and leaf node with different ports.
Something like this

| MemSQL ID | Role | Host | Port | Process State | Connectable? | Version | Recovery State | Availability Group |
| DC3601E39D | Master | | 43306 | Running | True | 6.7.18 | Online | |
| 198292BB75 | Leaf | | 43307 | Running | True | 6.7.18 | Online | 1 |

We do have existing single host cluster with memsql-ops and all the cluster management/memsql installation with the basic vagrant user. But with the new memsql tools, we need to create a non root user with sudo access to manage the cluster or installation which I am trying to avoid here with the approach said in the link MemSQL Cluster Installation without sudo access
But after doing all the installation and creating the nodes I do see that some of the libraries are missing(where I am kind of struck). I found that running memsql-deploy install copied the libraries to the data directory. I am not sure if that approach is good, please advice @jkaplan


Thanks for opening this thread! I’d like to clarify my understanding before making any recommendations.

As I understand it, you currently have a single-host cluster managed by MemSQL Ops, and you would like to have a single-host cluster that you manage with the MemSQL Tools (memsql-toolbox). You cannot create a non-root user with sudo privileges to run memsql-deploy commands and must install memsql-server some other way. Your host appears to be a Vagrant virtual machine with RPM-based package management.

Are you trying to use the new MemSQL Tools (memsql-toolbox) with the existing cluster? If so, the process for achieving that is currently very manual. We’re working on ways to make it smoother, so until then, I would recommend creating a new cluster and migrating the data, using mysqldump or similar.

If you’re trying to create a new cluster, can you summarize what you’ve done so far and paste the error message you’re receiving? I think you may be missing the memsql-server package.