Memsql Cluster on AWS cloud using ubuntu 18.04 OS and Memsql : 6.7.12


Hi Team,

We want to set up a Memsql Cluster on AWS.
Version: 6.7.12 and OS: Ubuntu 18.04.

4 Cluster:

  1. MasterAggregator
  2. Child Aggregator
  3. Leaf1
  4. Leaf2

We didn’t get any document to setup on AWS cloud for specific OS version and Memsql version.
please share the document or Cloud formation template for the same.



Hi Sumant, thanks for posting your question

If I understand the issue correctly, you are interested in running MemSQL on AWS, is that right?

Apologies that it wasn’t clear where the setup document is. You can find the instructions here, this guide will allow you to install MemSQL on AWS using the CloudFormation template.

Alternatively, there are other platforms to install MemSQL (like on Linux) and the instructions are here.

Let me know if this helps – thanks!