MemSQL Backup Restore with Overwrite

We are setting up backup and restore process on our current MemSQL deployment and want to setup daily restores in DR. How do we setup restores in MemSQL with overwrite ? I ran restore it worked the first time and when I ran it again it says databases exist.

MemSQL documentation doesn’t mention any Overwrite options with “Restore” command.

Hi @adrshen,

There is no option to overwrite when using the RESTORE command. you will need to drop the database first and then perform the restore.

You can look at implementing a solution where you drop the database with a stored procedure and then perform the restore.

Are you backing up form one cluster and performing a restore to another cluster?

If so, you might consider using replication instead.

Kind regards,

Thanks Cindy for replying that’s what I figured out too. Yes we are backing up from a prod cluster and restoring to a DR cluster. The change rate is so high that it leaves replication as an option out of it.