Memsql-admin create-node without minimum requirements check

Hey all,

How is it possible create a node without minimum requirements check?

I’m not sure I know what you mean. Can you elaborate?

memsql-admin create-node --host …
00000429 2019-07-23 13:29:10.205 FATAL: This machine does not have enough CPU cores to run MemSQL

Put minimum_core_count = X in your memsql.cnf file where X is the minimum number of cores you wish (try setting this to the number of cores in your system. On linux, you can try the command nproc to find number of cores in the system)

By default, this is set to 4 and an error is thrown if the system contains less than the specified number.

To find the value of this variable, run select @@minimum_core_count

It would be great if memsql-admin create-node allows to bypass the minimum memory and CPU core requirements. A warning could be shown but for development purpose, testing MemSQL on a smaller instance is cheaper, especially when 2 nodes minimum is required.