Is it mandatory to have a comp or can I use SQL on mobile smartphone?


Hello everyone,

So I may be a little over my head here but I figure that’s the only way to learn how to swim lol. I am looking and not seeing a way of using SQL database on a mobile phone. Is there any way to use SQL like Google sheets to input customer Information into a secure location and pull from that into either a Google sheet or a user based website (still learning about website creation)?

When I say I am new I mean I’ve only ever used Google sheets and have only started looking into SQL as I realised what I was doing was creating a database in sheets. So I have a low understanding of computer lingo :slight_smile:


Hi Travis!

Thanks for coming to the forums – and thank you for asking us at MemSQL to satisfy your curiosity and learning experience :slight_smile:

To answer one part of your question – you cannot install MemSQL on a smart phone. There are a few solutions out there where you can use SQL on a mobile phone, like SQLite, but those are usually for mobile applications using SQLite as the storage mechanism.

Apps like Google Sheets actually doesn’t have a “database” installed on the phone. Instead, it’s making a connection to a server somewhere hosted by Google, where Google manages a really powerful system that does the querying for you. Similarly, there are apps you can download on your phone (both on iOS and Android) where you can connect to a database hosted somewhere online so you can run SQL queries on. Again, this isn’t a database installed locally on the phone, but you’re making an internet connection to a database somewhere.

I am not quite sure what your use case is, but using something like Google Sheets is dramatically easier than building a database and running queries on it. Google Sheets does a great job in being a simple “database” – that’s why so many people use it!

Hope this answers your question, and I hope you have fun in your SQL journey!