Installing memSQL & MySQL on same server

Hello team

Do anybody have manual to installing memSQL with MySQL on same environment.
Truly i know, that developers of memSQL will write about install just memSQL, but i need both, because i need to build a highload system, so each part will work with unique task.
In real life we can use just one technology)

So can somebody help me to install both apps?


Hi dennis

Thanks for asking your question on the forums!

I am not quite sure what you mean by this question. I am assuming you are installing on Linux?

You should be able to just run the installation commands for both MemSQL and MySQL and have it installed in the same system. No magic needed.

I have ubuntu and at first i’m installing MySQL on port 3306
Then i’m trying to install memSQL and it setting up to same port 3306 which already in use

So magic is - memSQL cant be launched, because MySQL dont let it use port 3306

so your docs dont let me understand, how can i launch memSQL (for example) on port 3406?

Hi dennis

This forum question should assist you: Memsql Installation on different Port

Jacky, sorry, but you gave me link with many advises, but they dont workable.

Can you please tell me - is it possible to set config file for launch memSQL on port 3406?

Hi dennis

Yes, it’s possible.

The link I gave you shows you how to specify the port. Here’s the specific documentation link:

With memsql-deploy, you can specify the port using -P or --port

Let me know if you need additional help.