Install on local PC as standalone



We do not have a server stood up yet. I would like to install memSQL on my local pc as the host and load the database on my pc.

Local installation fails

Hi Jesse,
The easiest way to load MemSQL on a single host to try out is using docker and MemSQL “Cluster in a Box”. If you have docker already installed you can initialize and run MemSQL by doing the following:

Begin by registering on to get a trial license.

In terminal you can export your license key as a variable:

export LICENSE_KEY=[license key]

And check to make sure it’s set:

printenv | grep LICENSE_KEY

Then initialize the container using docker run:

$ docker run -i --init \
--name memsql-ciab \
-p 3306:3306 -p 8080:8080 \
  • Note: In order to connect to the web interface, you must expose port 8080 to your local machine, and to connect to the database, port 3306 must also be exposed.

If initialization fails you will need to remove the container before retrying:

$ docker rm memsql-ciab

If initialization succeeds you can start the container:

$ docker start memsql-ciab

Finally connect to the MemSQL Studio web interface (requires Firefox or Google Chrome):

$ open "http://localhost:8080"

You can also connect to the container and open the memsql client application.

$ docker exec -it memsql-ciab memsql

Let me know if you have questions or run into any issues.


We now have these Docker steps in an installation guide, so if you’re running on Windows or macOS and want to get a quick feel for MemSQL (or just don’t want to run natively on Linux), please check it out!