How we can query data based on particular date?


My application dump lot of different data to azure blob storage. But sometimes it dump last weeks data today. For example July 10th data may dump on July 20th and Azure Blob store the data based on arrival time. We have configured pipeline from blob storage to Memsql. Can somebody tell how I can query July10th data from Azure blob?


I assume data in Azure Blob contains timestamps and you can use those timestamps in the WHERE clause when queried in MemSQL

Thanks @Nikita for the update. But as I informed Blob will store the data based on arrival time. In that case if we can do anything from Memsql side.

Any way to put actual dates inside the blobs ?

Hi Nikita,

We have created pipeline in memsql to pull data from Blob storage. Could you please confirm we can fetch data for a particular date with Pipeline setup? If possible please explain how to do this?

Thanks again for your support.

Okay, I get the question now.

Is there any way you can put data into Azure Blob bucket the corresponds to the date.

You have to have information about the date either on the bucket level or inside the data files themselves. Where is it?

The file contains date but a file may contains data with different date for example the file which arrived on July 3rd will contains data from July1st, july 2nd and july 3rd.