How to copy a table from Teradata to Mem SQL?

Is there any direct way to copy without dumping data to a file and then loading into Mem SQL table?

Hi Sanraj - you could use our Spark connector to load data from Teradata to MemSQL. We provide our Customers a tool to move / replicate data from DBs like Teradata and Oracle. Let me know if you are interested in a formal evaluation.

@Lejo We are actually trying Mem SQL as a proof of concept for testing adhoc queries against a data mart table of 8TB size. This table is currently in Teradata. We would like to test performance of the queries in Mem SQL but we are struggling to copy the data to Mem SQL. Can we try that replication process at free of cost for this POC?

@sanraj.oa I have followed up with an email. If you can respond, I can route you to the right teams to help you with your POC effort