How do we apply the licensee Key post Installation without Internet


a) I see there is an option of specifying the License Key while installation. is there any option of applying the License (key received from Portal) post installation in cluster where there is no Internet Connectivity


Did you tried with memsql-ops license-add command?


I had tried this, but this method requires an internet connection. I donot have the internet access for my installation


How did you install MemSQL?
Edited to add: Your answer will help us in answering your question


while installing we had not used any license key, now I wanted to apply the one I had got in the portal


Which tool did you use to install MemSQL? For instance, memsql-toolbox package, MemSQL Ops …?


we had used MemSQL Ops for the installation


Connect to the master aggregator with a MySQL client and run SET LICENSE = '{license}'.

In the future, we recommend installing MemSQL with the memsql-toolbox package which has a set-license CLI command (as opposed to MemSQL Ops which pre-dates the new Customer Portal licenses and cannot be used to apply them)