Failed to deploy master aggregator


Hi I am trying to install memsql using this command:
memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --license [YOUR LICENSE KEY]

Then I get the below output:
memsql-deploy will perform the following actions:
 · Install memsql-server 6.7.8 locally
 · Deploy a master aggregator on port 3306
 · Deploy a leaf node on port 3307

Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
✓ Downloaded memsql-server 6.7.8   
Installing MemSQL locally…
✓ MemSQL 6.7.8 already installed                
✘ Failed to deploy master aggregator
Starting rollback
✓ Installed MemSQL 6.7.8     
✓ Rollback succeeded
error running memsqlctl: error running command: "/usr/bin/sudo" "-S" "-k" "--" "/bin/sh" "-c" "'printf' '56850409-760d-44dd-afdb-8f8e33dd7ea7' && 'exec' 'memsqlctl' '--json' '--yes' 'create-node' '--port' '3 306' '--timeout' '60s'": exit status 1
stderr: A MemSQL root password must be specified. See memsqlctl create-node --help for details.

Any ideas?



MemSQL 6.7.8, which was just released yesterday now requires that nodes are created with a password. The toolbox package (which provides memsql-deploy) will be updated accordingly later today. Apologies for this error in the interim! Until then, you can deploy MemSQL 6.7.7 instead, which does not require a password, with the command:
memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --license [YOUR LICENSE KEY] --version 6.7.7

I will add another post below when the new toolbox package has been released.


That works thanks!



And memsql-toolbox package (which contains memsql-deploy) version 1.0.6 has been released, which will let you run memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --license [YOUR LICENSE KEY] as you originally intended.

yum update memsql-toolbox
apt-get update && apt-get install memsql-toolbox
to get the latest.