Failed to create backup on azure blob storage

When we trigger backup to azure storage we are getting below error. We confirmed that the leaf node has enough disk space and no error on disk as we could read and write files on the mentioned nodes.

memsql> BACKUP DATABASE mydataTO AZURE “backup” CREDENTIALS ‘{“account_name”:“backup”,“account_key”:“iC7SrQAees4RsVpGBXmQ==”}’;

ERROR 1792 (HY000): Leaf Error (vm-104:3306): A disk error was encountered. The BACKUP operation has been cancelled.

Memsql version: 6.8.8

Hi, could you look into the tracelogs for relevant ERROR’s and paste them here (just the error, not the whole tracelog)? This error could be caused by multiple things, the tracelogs will help diagnose what is going on.