Error with a vector function: argument sizes do not match


Recently Update to the 6.8.3 memsql, and getting exceptions on a query & procedure (not consistently).
before i was using 6.7 & even 6.8.1 for long period and no issue occurred.

“getting Leaf Error ( Error with a vector function: argument sizes do not match”
getting this on several developer machines running a 1 master agg & 1 leaf.

I am 100% there are no different sizes, all table has only 1 length of the 1024 (256 floats), but in a field of varbinary 2048, ready for 512 floats, but with a specific flag (column) of type to filter query.

what should I check/test to get to the bottom of it?



Can you post a repro, with table creation, INSERT, and SELECT statements that make it happen? Please also describe your hardware including the processor type and version, like from

cat /proc/cpuinfo


not sure i am allowed to share the code / design of our logic, (not so sophisticated but still our propriety)
is their a email / private message i can send?


Double check that all the column types involved are exactly the same length. Consider using binary(n) even though varbinary(n) should work. If you think there’s a bug, forward it to info at memsql dot com and ask them to forward it to me, Eric Hanson.