Converting a binary license to base64


I’ve received a binary license from our account manager.
I’ve tried using

cat license | base64

^ base64 string (deprecated)

And use it during the deployment through CloudFormation template.

Attaching the command and output:

memsqlctl set-license --license=AAABBBCCC
memsqlctl will perform the following actions on the local node on port 3306:

Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
Error 1888: Unable to reload license file: The provided license is invalid
(reminder: AAABBBCC is the deprecated base64 encoded string)

I’ve setup the cluster with a temporary license that I’ve received from the ‘’ for 4 nodes.

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Ziv,

Please open a support ticket and we will follow up with you.
If possible, please the license file to the ticket so I can check…
Thank you


Thank you!
You can close this thread then, I’ll work with the support :slight_smile: