Compiler Warnings : Warning 1162 memsql version 6.8

Warning 1162
Function MyProc has been compiled without the highest level of code optimizations because it has too many statements. SQL query optimizations are still in effect. Consider splitting the function into multiple functions, each with under optimize_stmt_threshold statements.

I’m getting Warnings as per above and my code is not functioning as expected…
What does this mean and I how do I resolve it?
Does this mean, I have to break up procedure into smaller chunks?


Yes, memsql generates native code for your stored proc. using LLVM. On large procedures this can take too much time so we ask LLVM to generate code with some of its optimization passes disabled. This shouldn’t impact the correctness of the stored proc, but may impact performance. You will get better optimized code breaking up the stored procedure.

If you can provide us with more details about what is not working as expected we can try to help with that.