Cloudformation Template - MemSQL cluster on AWS in Existing Customer VPC is not working


Hi all,

I’ll try to setup a cluster with Cloudformation template MemSQL cluster on AWS in Existing Customer VPC throught the AWS Marketplace (

When i run the template i could not select my VPC and the template create a new VPC. It look’s like the cloudformation template is the same then MemSQL cluster on AWS in a New VPC.

Any suggestion ?
Best Regards.



Hello Stephane,
Thank you bringing this issue to our attention. I verified the AWS Paid listing and found that the same CloudFormation Template has been listed for both the options (New VPC and Customer VPC) which is definitely in error.
I have reached out to AWS to correct the same. I will post in this forum as soon as it is fixed.

Thank you for your patience and also for trying out MemSQL on AWS.

Ramesh Narayanan
Senior Partner Engineer


Hi Ramesh.
when are you thinking it will be fix?


Hi Michael,

A support case has been raised with AWS to fix it. In the meantime, if you want we can provide you the correct template which can be uploaded during the AWS Paid offer workflow and it will let you create in an existing VPC.



Hi Ramesh…
thanks for your replay…
can you , please send me the correct template?


Hi Michael

I have emailed you a CFT which should work for your current VPC. Do let me know how it went.