Clear backup history for a single database

The documentation show that the CLEAR BACKUP_HISTORY will remove ALL records from the mv_backup_history view. Is there a way to limit the scope of that command to a certain database or possibly a certain set of backup id’s?

Once the history is removed, but the backup files remain, can they still be used for a restore? In other words, does the removal of backup history from the information_schema invalidate existing backups?


We are currently working on adding more abilities to selectively delete out of the backup_history table. As of now CLEAR BACKUP_HISTORY is the only command that allows any deletion of the rows in that table.

The BACKUP_HISTORY table is only used for the user, as a way of keeping track of backups. As long as you know the path of the backup, you can restore it to any cluster, regardless of its backup_history.

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