Changing default memsql port when using docker-compose


I am trying to use MemSQL via docker container.
Below is my Docker-compose.yml entry for the memsql docker

image: memsql/quickstart
  - "./jenkins/jenkins_memsql_schema.sql:/schema.sql"
  - "3307:3306"
  - "9000:9000"
hostname: memsql
container_name: memsql

The default port that memsql runs on is 3306. I would like to change this default port.
When I raise this container and try to change the port from within the container.
I use the following command:

memsql-ops memsql-update-config --key=port --value=3307

I get the following error:

You cannot change the port variable for an existing MemSQL node.


  1. It seems you cannot change the port once memSQL is running, so how do you change it before?
  2. How can this be set via the docker-compose setup?


The file has

memsql-ops memsql-deploy --role master --developer-edition $DEPLOY_EXTRA_FLAGS
memsql-ops memsql-deploy --role leaf --developer-edition --port 3307 $DEPLOY_EXTRA_FLAGS

You can change the port there - e.g. add --port 4567 to the deploy master command.

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