Can the previous releases, for example, MemSQL 6.5 be downloaded and installed?


Version 6.7 made significant changes, comparing with previous 6.5 version. Can the 6.5 release still be downloaded and installed?


Hi Edward,

If you have an Enterprise license to use MemSQL, you can download and install 6.5. In this case, I can open a ticket with our Support team so they can send you the installation files.

I you are using the free-tier of MemSQL, it’s only available with version 6.7.



Edward, which changes are you specifically concerned about with 6.7?



Many new features were introduced in 6.7 release, i.e. toolbox, studio, license model, etc. I have been test-drive MemSQL for some time in a single-host environment, and become familiar with the installation process, i.e. “”, and memsql-ops. But now they are gone.

I believe those new features are improvement. But a little bit hard for someone testing MemSQL on a single-host environment.

Thank you,



Thanks for the feedback Edward. Lets see how you find the process documented in How to specify installation directory for “memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box”? and see if that helps resolve some of the friction. We will be addressing this friction reasonably soon so I expect that any workarounds you put in place now (like a “cluster-in-a-box” script using the flow I documented in the other post) won’t be there in the long term.

In addition, if you have the ability to use docker containers in your workflow, we have an optimized cluster in a box docker image that is very easy to use. Check it out here: