🌟 Announcing the MemSQL Community Star!


Hello passionate supporters of MemSQL! Thank you for coming to the official MemSQL forums.

We are rolling out an initiative called :star2: MemSQL Community Star to celebrate and reward YOU, our most passionate supporter.

:sunglasses: How can I get involved?

You are automatically enrolled as soon as you start answering questions, provide original blog posts, share insightful content, and in general, help the greater MemSQL user community on the forum. Fun benefits await you once you start!

:open_mouth: Why are you doing this?

Lately, we have been seeing more and more MemSQL users and customers contributing in not only asking thoughtful questions, but in answering questions for each other (such as @skropsell @bvincent – thank you!). These are people that took the time to come to the forums to not only read the questions, but take their time to provide deeply technical answers.

To thank you, the passionate MemSQLer, we will identify the most helpful/insightful person each month to become the Community Star.

Not only will you get a special badge to show off in the forums, a chance to be showcased on our Twitter/LinkedIn, and recognized in this stickied post as being the most helpful person each month, we will also be thanking you by sending you a MemSQL Care Package. There will be more benefits to be announced as this program grows – so stay tuned for more news!

This is a small token of appreciation for your time and energy.

:star_struck: How do I get selected?

At the end of each month, we will identify the most active individual answering questions for other community members (or other significant contributions). We will reach out to you by email/DM and we will coordinate from there.

:question: What happens if I am a Contributor Star more than once?

Stay tuned!

:star2: Past Community Stars

June 2019 - @zmeidav



:star2: June 2019 Forum Community Star

We are very excited and happy to announce the MemSQL Community Star for June 2019

Drum rolls please…

:drum: :drum:

Congratulations @zmeidav :tada:

Thank you so much for helping other MemSQL users in answering their questions, and asking this GREAT question that helped us discover a bug within MemSQL. We have immediately fixed the bug – so thank you!

Keep up the great work! We will be granting you a special badge real quick – and we will reach out shortly to get your address to send you a MemSQL care package!

Thank you so much, and keep up the great work!