Add leaf node to cluster "Could not query node's maximum memory"



Dear all , I met this error when add leaf node to cluster :
Toolbox will perform the following actions on host
· Run ‘memsqlctl add-leaf --host --port 3306 --user root --password ●●●●●●’

Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
✘ Failed to run ‘memsqlctl add-leaf’
error running memsqlctl: error running command: "/usr/bin/memsqlctl" "--json" "--yes" "add-leaf" "--host" "" "--port" "3306" "--user" "root" "--secure-password" "****************************************": exit status 1
stderr: Error 1746: Could not query node’s maximum memory.

Check memsql.log I see following line :
503650398478 2019-05-09 11:52:07.748 WARN: Failed to obtain query/table memory, error: 4
503650398528 2019-05-09 11:52:07.748 ERROR: Could not complete node validation for

How can I fix above problem
Thanks you


It looks like there may be an issue connecting to the leaf when trying to add it to the cluster. Can you confirm that you can ssh to the leaf from the system you are trying to add it from?


Hi mbhakti , I have check network between to server is ok , I can telnet port 22 and 3306 . I had check /var/log/secure on the new leaf node log when run command add leaf, and see that “session opened for user root”

I can deploy and register new node but when run command add leaf I met above error


Hi kingbatsptk

We run into same issue as the result of having different versions of memsql server. The new node had newer version while the rest of the cluster older. Once we upgraded the cluster to the same version as the new node being added - everything worked fine.


Dear sashavasko ,

That is the problem , I had remove the new version and manual install older version , It working fine. Thanks you