Product Features


create pipeline

Create PipelineFEATURED

Ingest data from Apache Kafka and Amazon S3 with a single command

exactly-once semantics

Exactly-Once SemanticsFEATURED

Achieve guaranteed message delivery for precise reporting and analysis

import data

Data Import

Import from existing systems using native data load functions

Deliver Fast Analytic Results

low latency

Achieve ultra fast query response on live and historical data using ANSI compliant SQL.

sophisticated insignts

Sophisticated Insights

Perform ad hoc analysis with business intelligence tools, run machine learning algorithms for real-time scoring, perform geoanalytic queries in real time

distributed joins

Stored ProceduresNEW

Build powerful custom functions with procedural SQL and leverage the performance of query compilation and distributed processing



Store and query JSON data as a column-type to efficiently store and analyze multi-attribute objects

multi-statement transactions

Multi-Statement Transactions

Multi-statement transactions allow a set of DML statements to be combined into a single transaction

compiled queries

Compiled Queries

Repeat queries are compiled into low level machine code to deliver record breaking response for analytic queries


Geospatial Support

Store, query, and index geographic data types including polygons and points to support area, distance, location analytics in real-time


distributed storage

Distributed Storage

Store and process data across clusters and maximize resilience and performance

big data capacity

Big Data Capacity

Store petabytes of data on low cost disk and cloud storage for archive requirements while maintaining instant retrieval for analysis

massivelly parallel

Massivelly Parallel

Scale out shared nothing architecture with a parallel execution engine for read and write queries delivering real-time performance

full durability

Full Durability to Disk

Write transactions directly to disk or write to memory with full data persistence and archiving

in-memory performance

In-Memory or On-Disk Tables

Use memory for transactional workloads and cleanup while using disk for historical data and analysis

compressed tables

Compressed On-Disk Tables

Optimize column store disk compression resources for storing up to petabytes of data

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performance monitoring

Monitor Performance and Capacity

Respond to issues and ensure your cluster is always online and operating within server capacity


Provision and Deploy

Provision and deploy MemSQL according to your desired cluster configuration

high availability

High Availability

Redundancy protect against data loss and ensures data consistency with replication

cluster management

Cluster Management

Automate and simplify common tasks including adding, dropping, restoring, rebalancing partitions


Administration and Scaling

Manage data replication and restore without pausing or going offline

data center replication

Cross Data Center Replication

Synchronize one cluster with another over a broad network connection



Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Manage simple or robust security configurations by user role and group while maintaining maximum performance



Data encryption is supported at time of ingest and when delivered across nodes using SSL. Use third party storage encryption while data is stored in MemSQL



Manage existing account access with PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) and SAML authentication support

Audit Logging

Audit LoggingADD-ON

Configurable database logging writes all activities to a secure external location to support information security tasks such as tracking user access, investigating suspicious activities and validating access control policies

Strict Mode

Strict ModeADD-ON

Prevent permissive data access from rogue database administrators using strict security configuration control to protect against insider threats

Password Policy

Password Policy

Ensure strong password compliance and best practice with policy controls over length, complexity, and usage configuration

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