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AWS Dev Day

May 20, 2020
9am - 12pm PT


Join MemSQL for Our West Coast Virtual Workshop

In this workshop, students will begin by deploying a highly scalable, cloud-native, highly performant MemSQL relational database cluster on AWS. They will then implement an example Internet of Things (IoT) use case and run real-time analytical queries against it with MemSQL.

We will then demonstrate for students how to operationalize a SageMaker machine learning (ML) model using transforms, part of MemSQL’s Pipelines capability. We will conclude the session by demonstrating how to build an operational dashboard using Sisense powered by the SageMaker ML model, within the same AWS environment.

Workshop Agenda

Introduction and Setup

Introduction and Setup

Introductions and Workshop Overview; MemSQL and AWS - Creating a Real-Time Database Architecture; Application and Analytic Architectural Patterns leveraging
9:00am - 9:55am

Hands on Workshop: RT Streaming Analytics with SageMaker and MemSQL

Hands on Workshop: RT Streaming Analytics with SageMaker and MemSQL

Seamless Deployment of MemSQL on AWS; Implementing an IoT usage case on MemSQL ; How to operationalize a SageMaker ML model using MemSQL on the AWS Cloud ; How to leverage Sisense's elastic data engine to define a semantic layer and analytical model; How to build advanced and customizable self-serve dashboards and applications on Sisense; Q & A
10:00am - 12:00pm

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