MemSQL 6.5 Enterprise Edition

The No-Limits DatabaseTM. Optimized for production deployments at scale. Full support and security features.

Developer Edition
Enterprise Edition

Based on cluster RAM capacity

Not for production deployments
Database Features
Streaming Ingest

Ingest data from Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Amazon S3, and HDFS

Multiple data types

Relational, JSON, Geospatial, Full-text search, and More

Optimized Data Store

Perform transactions and analytics on memory and disk optimized system

High Availability

Protect against data loss and ensure data consistency

User Authentication

Manage access with PAM, SAML, and GSSAPI (Kerberos)

Data Encryption

Encrypt at ingest and across nodes using SSL and TLS 1.2

Role-Based Access Control

Manage security configurations by user role and group

Strict Mode and Audit Logging

Protect from insider threats, track user and database responses

Advanced Security Option
Business Hours Support

9am - 5pm PST

On-Call Support

Get support in less than 2 hours for critical issues

Professional Services

Accelerate deployment and optimize production operations. View packages.


Maximize infrastructure investments

Self-Service Cloud

Install MemSQL on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Fully Managed Cloud

Fully managed service on AWS or Microsoft Azure


Common Questions

Is everything in-memory?

No. MemSQL stores data both in memory and on disk. MemSQL is a persistent database with ACID compliance, high availability, and disaster recovery so your data is always accessible.

How much does MemSQL cost?

MemSQL licenses software based on the cluster RAM capacity. Customer installations range from gigabytes to terabytes of memory. With the MemSQL columnstore, SSD or disk-storage is unlimited and not licensed. To give you the most accurate information on price, we can go through your schemas, queries, and tables together.

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What's Developer Edition?

Developer Edition is for non-production use and meant for experiments with MemSQL. It does not include key production features such as High Availability and Security.

What does MemSQL work with?

MemSQL is fully ANSI SQL compliant and compatible with the MySQL wire protocol, making it easy to connect with any MySQL-compatible tools. MemSQL supports native ingest with exactly-once semantics from Apache Kafka, a high-throughput, bi-directional, parallelized MemSQL Spark Connector, and direct import from datastores such as Amazon S3, HDFS, along with ODBC and JDBC connectivity for traditional datastores.

Where can MemSQL be deployed?

MemSQL can be deployed on-premises, in any cloud, or as a service. This provides complete flexibility for customers to control how they deploy their data analytics infrastructure.

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