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How MemSQL Boosts Hadoop
Slow cumbersome queries on Hadoop often frustrates users and limits data use for improving customer experiences or optimizing costs. Accelerating Hadoop queries with MemSQL is easy to setup while delivering dramatic performance with familiar SQL to serve insights to more people.
Hadoop Challenges
Sluggish Performance
Limited query optimizer and disk-only architecture slows query performance
Hadoop with MemSQL
Premium Query Response
Load data into MemSQL with built-in HDFS connector for sub-second queries on billions to trillions of rows
Hadoop Challenges
Developer Intensive Queries
Basic SQL queries require complex development efforts that are hard to tune and scale
Hadoop with MemSQL
Easy Insights with Familiar SQL
Quickly build sophisticated queries with ANSI SQL to simplify development and broaden data use
Hadoop Challenges
Performance Complexity
Delivering fast SQL queries requires integrating tools like Impala, Hive, Hbase, and more adding maintenance complexity
Hadoop with MemSQL
Simplified Performance Architecture
Integrated ingest and analytical architecture dramatically reduces architecture complexity while delivering fast SQL performance for reports and dashboards
Hadoop Challenges
Limited BI Tool Support
Hadoop’s non-standard and slow performing SQL interface limits the number of supported BI tools ultimately impacting how broadly Hadoop data is used
Hadoop with MemSQL
Relational Data Everyone Can Use
Native connectors to Tableau, Looker, Microstrategy, and more means your HDFS data can be shared as fast performing reports and dashboards
Accelerating Hadoop with MemSQL
As a Hadoop Customer
The company struggled to deliver acceptable query and ingestion performance on their fast growing customer data reducing the value of Hadoop data across the business
As a MemSQL Customer
Hadoop was augmented with MemSQL leveraging the HDFS pipeline connector resulting in a continuously fresh set of data that was dramatically faster and easier to analyze leveraging Tableau
20x Faster Insights
Reduced time from event creation to dashboard insights with HDFS real-time ingestion and faster query processing
Broadened Data Access
Familiar relational SQL of MemSQL expanded usability of HDFS data by more team members for ad hoc queries and standard BI tools
Deeper Insights
Scalable platform supported high-performance joins of additional data sources providing new insights previously not available
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Get a deep dive of the MemSQL architecture, what makes it fast, and how it accelerates Hadoop for better insights.

Learn more about:
  • The new technologies being used to accelerate Hadoop data for data science and operational systems
  • Innovative reference architectures used to reduce the complexity commonly caused by Hadoop acceleration tools
  • The latest in data ingestion techniques for faster throughput, enrichment, analytic discovery
  • Case studies of Hadoop modernization resulting in faster insights and greater adoption
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