How Teespring Enhances its eCommerce Platform with Real-Time Analytics

Lesia Myroshnichenko
Lesia Myroshnichenko

About Teespring
Teespring is revolutionizing retail, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to build and grow their brands via its ecommerce platform. Teespring makes it easy for anyone to create and sell high-quality products people love, with no cost or risk. Since 2012, Teespring has shipped more than fifteen million products around the world.

Understanding Real-Time Buyer Activity

Teespring was growing its community at a rapid pace. To further this growth, they wanted to connect vendors with the right buyers in real time. By analyzing buyer activity, Teespring can help its community of sellers make informed decisions to optimize buyer engagement and drive purchases on the site. Teespring needed to build an analytics dashboard that would showcase clickstream metrics such as click through rates, page views, and completed purchases as they happen.

Teespring Throughput

MemSQL for Real-Time Dashboards

In order to build a low-latency analytics dashboard, Teespring need a highly performant, scalable system. MemSQL provides:

  • In-memory speed and a powerful SQL engine
  • Flexible cloud deployment
  • ANSI SQL support for dynamic queries, delivering a scalable and easy-to-use database experience

Teespring Architecture

  • MemSQL as the real-time datastore and data serving engine
  • Apache Kafka as the message queue
  • MemSQL Spark Connector for easy data movement between Spark and MemSQL
  • Data persisted in MemSQL as well as separate pipeline to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Teespring Architecture

Optimizing Buyer and Seller Experiences

With MemSQL in place, Teespring now:

  • Helps sellers to reach buyers more likely to make purchases
  • Eliminates buyers searching through irrelevant content and gets them straight to products they will love
  • Can increase customer engagement at scale
  • Improves operational health reports resulting in faster response times to issues

“What I really like about MemSQL is the ANSI SQL support for dynamic querying needs, which gives us the analytics power we need to connect buyers and sellers in real time.”
-Muru Muthusamy, Analytics Solutions Architect, Teespring

For more details, check out our Q/A with Dan McCaffrey, VP Analytics at Teespring

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