Q/A with Dan McCaffrey, VP Analytics, Teespring

Emily Friedman
Emily Friedman

VP Analytics Teespring

One of the best parts of being a startup is getting to work with other startups – companies experiencing rapid growth get to share ideas and technology, and fortify the startup ecosystem. Yesterday we announced a new customer who exemplifies this: Teespring! Teespring is an on-demand ecommerce company that gives budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to build and grow their apparel businesses via its platform. Teespring uses MemSQL to power its sales analytics platform, which analyzes data in real-time to educate sellers about the buyer community, and facilitate meaningful purchasing transactions for both parties.

We sat down with Teespring VP of Analytics, Dan McCaffrey to talk about the company’s platform, and how MemSQL fits into the picture.

What are some of the trends you are seeing in analytics for ecommerce?
One trend stands out above the rest for me, and is really driving on-demand social commerce right now: Personalization. End-users want to spend less time discovering and searching for what they want – they seek instant gratification, which means personalization is critical to the success of ecommerce platforms.

How is Teespring tapping into real-time data streams to connect top-performing buyers and sellers?
Right now, we are focused on providing our sellers with top-notch analytics to help them target buyers who would be a good fit for their products – ultimately, this benefits both sellers and buyers who can connect with custom products that reflect their interests.  Real-time analytics enables us to share metrics with sellers on how their business is doing, allowing them to tune and optimize faster. “Real-time” data is the key here – allowing for even better optimization and ROI for sellers that otherwise would not be possible.

What led Teespring to choose MemSQL over other solutions?
What I really liked about MemSQL was the ANSI SQL support for dynamic querying needs at scale, in a reliable, robust, easy-to-use database. As an in-memory database, MemSQL provides speed for real-time processing and analytics, and allowed us to achieve web scale. MemSQL was by far the best of all the choices we considered.

How rapid was the business transformation once you made the move to MemSQL?
It was easy to install MemSQL. Capturing real-time business insights is an ongoing process, but the positive effects have already been felt, demonstrated by our ability to personalize and target our website and marketing efforts, as well as serve the analytics data our sellers need to run their businesses more effectively. It took us just a few weeks to build our sales analytics database and feel the first impacts.

How many internal groups/teams are working with the sales analytics database?
Currently, several teams have access to the database: Product, Analytics, Finance and Marketing are a few of the major examples and we plan to add more departments soon.

What other opportunities has this opened for Teespring?
To operate an efficient on-demand ecommerce platform where end-users make purchases based on their virtual experience, we need to know that our back-end is strong and is reinforcing our business goals. The solution we have implemented with MemSQL has improved our operational health reporting for faster response times to issues. On top of that, we have been able to offload critical reports, which supports refreshing dashboards.  Teespring is growing quickly, and we will continue to use MemSQL as much as we can to propel our business forward.

Check out the news release here: http://www.memsql.com/releases/teespring-powers-commerce-with-in-memory-database/

For more information on Teespring, visit www.teespring.com/about

To download MemSQL, visit: www.memsql.com/download

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