MemSQL Shows Its Strength Against Oracle at OpenWorld

Floyd Smith

Conventioneers took over part of San Francisco’s South of Market Area (SoMA) last week for Oracle OpenWorld 2018. MemSQL hosted a booth on the show floor and a party across the street from the main venue, cheekily dubbed “The Backup & Recovery Happy Hour”.

We used the occasion to highlight three key takeaways for Oracle users:

  • The ability of MemSQL, running on industry standard servers, to augment or replace existing installations of Exadata and Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), with MemSQL providing huge increases in performance and significant cost savings.
  • The fact that MemSQL, due to its truly cloud-native architecture, delivers consistent performance across any deployment platform, including on-premises, public or private cloud, and in virtual machines or containers, without requiring specialized hardware or support as in Oracle Cloud.
  • The way in which MemSQL’s modern architecture, combining transactions and analytics on a fast, scalable database platform, allows organizations to free themselves from complex, hard to manage and outdated data processing architectures with onerous Oracle contract restrictions.
MemSQL emphasized its nature as a fast database with strong price-performance at Oracle OpenWorld 2018
MemSQL Invited Attendees of Oracle OpenWorld 2018
to the MemSQL Backup & Recovery Happy Hour

In ironic contradistinction to the trade show name, Oracle strongly promoted Oracle Cloud, their closed ecosystem – and the only cloud program with optimized Oracle. They also announced an update to the Oracle Autonomous Database, which uses AI to help provide security and other manageability features. “We’ve added lots and lots of more robots to protect every aspect of the cloud,” said Larry Ellison, Oracle cofounder and CTO. (We think he meant “bots”, which are software, rather than a software/hardware combination.)

To find out more about MemSQL’s advantages over Oracle and other traditional database platforms, sign up for our upcoming webinar, Five Reasons to Switch to MemSQL.

MemSQL Helios eclipse
MemSQL Helios
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