Global Pulse of Real-Time Data: 16 Definitive Insights

Emily Friedman
Emily Friedman

Each morning, millions of individuals wake up to emails sent throughout the night, text messages, Facebook notifications, and reminders that we are only 1,000 steps away from hitting our weekly goal. And though we might bemoan the occasional alert reminding us to pay our rent or hit the gym, the truth is we live in a real-time world where technology has evolved to effortlessly guide us through every aspect of our day.

So how do enterprises deliver seamless experiences to millions of consumers in real time? For an application to operate in real time, the supporting infrastructure must operate even faster. This includes operating systems, data storage, data processing, and application layers. Implementation starts with identifying a team, dedicating a budget, planning deployment, and finally evaluating solutions. Companies leading the pack include GE, Pinterest, Amazon, and Pandora, who successfully deliver fast, competitive services to satisfy wide-ranging consumer interests.


To help companies understand the benefits of real time, we’ve created a new visual report highlighting what it means to define, embrace, and fully utilize real-time data and analytics across industries. Introducing the Global Pulse on Real-Time Data: 16 Definitive Insights. We paired sixteen powerful images with a selection of curated statistics to showcase the evolution of real time.

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What’s Inside?
You will learn facts like, according to DHL, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, which is half the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. As we move faster and faster into the future, the data stockpile will only increase, as will consumer appetite for personalization and immediate responses from every digital touchpoint.


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