Helping Enterprises Derive Value from Data with Our Series D

Nikita Shamgunov
Nikita Shamgunov

We are thrilled to share that we raised $30 million in our Series D. This round of fundraising was led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Glynn Capital, and brings our total fundraising to $110 million.

Why are firms continuing to invest in MemSQL?
Database technology sets the foundation for business leaders looking to derive value from data. Across the industries and companies we support, MemSQL is driving digital transformation for some of the world’s business giants including companies such as, Comcast, Pandora, Kellogg, Dell/EMC, and Uber.

What makes MemSQL different than other databases on the market?
It’s the architecture. Unlike legacy relational databases, MemSQL is architected for the cloud, to scale, to be operational, and to deliver high speed analytics. As data continues being the center of enterprises, MemSQL powers the data-intensive applications that businesses need to thrive.

How will the new funds be used at MemSQL?
This money will allow us to expand the engineering, support, customer management, and operations teams. It will let us continue delivering record-breaking triple digit company growth.

What’s next for MemSQL?
We are working hard to build the next great database. The future of relational databases is about consuming data as a utility and delivering both transactions and analytics on the same data. This allows customers to derive more value from their data, focus on business growth, and reduce infrastructure costs.

To learn more about this round of fundraising, read our news release.


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