Exploring In-Memory Databases at MemSQL Meetups

Kate Borger
Kate Borger

Many technologies are not adapting fast enough to solve modern data problems, and MemSQL is one emerging technology that seeks to bridge the gap. We recognize that these problems cannot be solved in a vacuum, which is why MemSQL seeks to foster a collaborative environment in which developers can work together to solve today’s Big Data challenges.

We hosted our first Developer Meetup last month, and we’re looking forward to hosting our next Meetup on November 12 at our headquarters in San Francisco. The developer community is very important to us — as we are developers ourselves — and we are excited to have the opportunity to collaboratively explore modern business issues and build evolving theories around database technology and the future of real-time analytics.

Be sure to join our group on meetup.com to connect with other MemSQL developers and receive the latest news on upcoming events. We also invite you to “like” the MemSQL Facebook page where we often share useful technical articles on the continuing development of the platform.

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