Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds Report Puts MemSQL at the Top

Floyd Smith

A recent Dresner report, the Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study, includes MemSQL for the first time. The report shows MemSQL as the leader among full-service database providers – ahead of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Oracle. (A few specialty analytics products also rank highly.) The Dresner report is part of their Wisdom of Crowds series, and rates MemSQL as an Overall Leader in both major categories of the report: Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility, with a perfect Recommend score. 

About the Dresner Study

Dresner Advisory Services is well-known for their insightful market studies on business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Howard Dresner, the founder of Dresner Analytics, coined the term business intelligence (BI). Their marquee report series, the Wisdom of Crowds, asks real users to rate BI and analytics products on key performance indicators. 

The reports “contain feedback from real life implementers, IT directors, and contractors that actually are working with BI products in the field.” In these reports, Dresner asks actual users to rate their products on the key indicators that users themselves require. 

The Analytical Data Infrastructure report targets “technology components for integrating, modeling, managing, storing, and accessing the data sets that serve as sources for analytic/BI consumers, e.g., analytic/business applications, tools, and users.” The report focuses on databases, and MemSQL is one of more than a dozen vendors studied. MemSQL, as we’ll describe below, was the top-rated general purpose database (that is, not solely an analytics product). 

MemSQL is the top-rated general purpose database in the Dresner analysis

Use cases for the products studied include (from most-used to least-used):

  • Reporting and dashboards 
  • Discovery and exploration by business users
  • Data science, which includes the use of machine learning and AI for predictive and advanced analytics
  • Embedded analytics within business applications (high volume, low latency)

Users named performance, security, and scalability as their most-desired features. Performance was rated as especially desirable within the embedded analytics use case, where MemSQL shines, and in the largest companies – those with more than 10,000 employees (usually those with more than $1B in revenue). 

The top feature desired is scalability, which is core to MemSQL’s differentiation as a fast, scalable relational database with SQL support. Scalability is also strongly desired by tech companies, financial services, retail, and consumer services companies, as well as government. The largest and smallest companies are the most interested in scalability, while smaller and medium-sized companies put data life cycle management first. 

SQL support and columnar data support are seen as critical or very important by the most companies, especially for business uses. Among analytical features, aggregations lead the way, along with multi-dimensional/OLAP-type queries. MemSQL’s strong SQL support and ability to mix rowstore and columnstore data tables make it well-suited to meet thee requirements. Also highly desired are user-defined functions and machine learning support, both areas where MemSQL stands out. 

Dresner rates MemSQL highly for analytics

About MemSQL in This Report

MemSQL ranks very strongly on both major axes that Dresner measures for customer experience: product/technology, where MemSQL is in the top five, near Google, and sales and service, where MemSQL is in a near-tie for second with Snowflake, which is exclusively an analytics provider. Taking the two measures together, MemSQL is the leader among full-service databases (that handle both transactions and analytics), ahead of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Oracle. (Among these companies, only Google ranked above average on both measures; Oracle, IBM, and SAP ranked worst overall.) In the Vendor Credibility model, MemSQL ranked very high on user confidence, and above average for value. 

The Dresner spider chart shows MemSQL with high rankings

According to Dresner, MemSQL stands out as “an Overall Leader in both the Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models.” Further, MemSQL is best in class for technical support professionalism, for responsiveness, and for consulting professionalism. MemSQL’s recommend score is perfect. 


Considered alongside Industry leaders, MemSQL rates very highly – and is #1 among full-service database providers in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility. You can download the report for free. You can also try MemSQL for free today, or contact us for a personalized demo. 

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