New MemSQL Ops Comes with Database Speed Test

Steven Camina
Steven Camina

MemSQL Ops 4.0.31 is now available for download! For this release, we have maintained a focus on providing the smoothest possible on-ramp for developers to quickly get productive with MemSQL. We believe enterprise-class software should be easy to install or use.

Here are the new features of the latest MemSQL Ops release, available today. Note that aside from features, this release includes bug fixes, and is a free upgrade for existing MemSQL Ops users.

Run a 30-second Database Speed Test

A frequent question we receive is “how fast can MemSQL run on my machine(s)?”. MemSQL Ops answers this question by running a basic performance benchmark on your MemSQL cluster. A new Speed Test page in Ops creates a lightweight database table, inserts records into it as quickly as possible, and performs basic analysis on the changing dataset in real-time. Understandably, MemSQL is capable of far more relational operations with SQL but this provides a quick start.

Sign up for an Enterprise Edition trial directly in Ops

We have received feedback that more users want to try MemSQL Enterprise without needing to go to It is now possible to sign up for an Enterprise trial without leaving the MemSQL Ops User Interface (UI).

Enable High Availability with One Click

With the latest release of Ops, users can seamlessly upgrade High Availability by clicking one button in the web interface. After the upgrade operation completes, all data in your database cluster will have a replica in another MemSQL node.

HTTPS in web UI

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.39.59 AM

Accessing MemSQL Ops through an HTTPS:// URL is now possible by adding SSL certificates in MemSQL Ops.

Additional Command Line Functionality

Backup and Restore Databases

MemSQL Ops now has ‘database-backup’ and ‘database-restore’ commands to create database backups and restore existing backups into MemSQL clusters. A UI view for this is planned for an upcoming MemSQL Ops release.

Change a MemSQL node root password with Ops

MemSQL Ops now allows users to change the root password of a MemSQL node with the ‘memsql-update-root-password’ command. This changes the root password on a MemSQL node and ensures the password is recognized by other MemSQL nodes in the cluster.

Download and Try MemSQL Today

MemSQL Ops is available for both Community and Enterprise Editions of MemSQL.
Download MemSQL Community Edition for free, or try MemSQL now for 30-days by visiting

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