Emmy-Winning SSIMWAVE Chooses MemSQL for Scalability, Performance, and More
Analytics, Case Study, SQL
SSIMWAVE customers – from film producers to network engineers to media business executives – work to some of the
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DZone Webinar – MemSQL for Time Series, Real Time, and Beyond
Pipelines, SQL, Webinar
Eric Hanson, Principal Product Manager at MemSQL, is an accomplished data professional with decades of relevant experien
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Case Study Update: How Novus Partners Manages $2 Trillion with Help from MemSQL
Analytics, Performance, Real-time, SQL
This case study was first published as a video with a brief description. Noah Zucker, Senior Vice President for Technolo
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Using MemSQL and Looker for Real-Time Data Analytics
Analytics, Looker, Partners, SQL
MemSQL is a fast, scalable SQL database. Looker is a fast, scalable analytics platform. You can use MemSQL and Looker to
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Thank You for Your Help NoSQL, but We Got It from Here
Hadoop, NoSQL, SQL
It’s time for us to admit what we have all known is true for a long time: NoSQL is the wrong tool for many of the mode
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1.3 Billion NYC Taxi Rows into MemSQL
Cloud, Data Warehouse, SQL
Experience teaches us that when loading data into a database, in whatever form ― normalized, denormalized, schema-less
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Arrays – A Hidden Gem in MemSQL
Engineering, Product, SQL
Released this March, MemSQL 6 Beta 1 introduced MemSQL Procedural SQL (MPSQL). MPSQL supports the creation of: User-Defi
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From Big to Now: The Changing Face of Data
Data Warehouse, Hadoop, Industry, Lambda Architecture, Real-time, SQL
Data is changing. You knew that. But the dialog over the past 10 years around big data and Hadoop is rapidly moving to d
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SQL: The Technology That Never Left Is Back!
Industry, SQL
The Prelude The history of SQL, or Structured Query Language, dates back to 1970, when E.F. Codd, then of IBM Research,
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