Case Study: MemSQL Replaces Hadoop for Managing 2 Million New-Style Utility Meters
Case Study, Hadoop, IoT, Kafka, Time Series
SME Solutions Group is a MemSQL partner. An SME customer, a utility company, was installing a new meter network, compris
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Case Study: Moving to Kafka and AI at a Major Technology Services Company
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Hadoop, Kafka
How does a major technology services company equip itself to compete in the digital age – and provide services so outs
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Webinar: Modernizing Portfolio Analytics for Reduced Risk and Better Performance
Analytics, Financial Services, Kafka, Spark, Webinar
In this webinar Rick Negrin, Product Management VP at MemSQL, describes the importance of portfolio analytics, enhanced
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Webinar: Real-Time Fraud Detection for an Improved User Experience
Analytics, Kafka, Machine Learning, SQL, Webinar
In this webinar, which you can view here, MemSQL’s Mike Boyarski describes how real-time fraud detection represent
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Forrester Finds Millions in Savings and New Opportunities in Digital Transformation with MemSQL
Analytics, Case Study, Kafka, Oracle
A new wave of digital transformation is in progress, and this new wave is powered by the exponential growth in the volum
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The Need for Operational Analytics
Analytics, Financial Services, Gartner, Kafka, Spark
The proliferation of streaming analytics and instant decisions to power dynamic applications, as well as the rise of pre
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MemSQL Offers Streaming Systems Download from O’Reilly
Kafka, Spark
More and more, MemSQL is used to help add streaming characteristics to existing systems, and to build new systems that f
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Webinar: How Kafka and MemSQL Deliver Intelligent Real-Time Applications
Kafka, Pipelines, Webinar
Using Apache Kafka and MemSQL together makes it much easier to create and deliver intelligent, real-time applications. I
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Partner Repost: Using Streaming Analytics to Identify and Visualise Fraudulent ATM Transactions in Real-Time
Analytics, Kafka
Storing and analysing larger and larger amounts of data is no longer what drives the decision-making process at successf
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