From Big Data to Fast Data with SME Solutions Group and MemSQL
Analytics, Financial Services, IoT, Partners
SME Solutions Group helps institutions manage risks and improve operations, and they’ve chosen MemSQL as a databas
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Just Like IoT, Enterprises Have Been Using AI All Along
Artificial Intelligence, Database, IoT
Just like IoT, around in various forms for years, AI has been prevalent in nearly every enterprise for decades. The catc
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How Infiswift Supercharged Its Analytics for IoT Applications
Analytics, IoT, JSON
About Infiswift Infiswift optimizes the operation of physical things with connectivity and data. Its innovative platform
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Why You Need a Real-Time Data Warehouse for IoT Applications
Data Warehouse, IoT, Real-time
As always-on devices and sensors proliferate, the data emitted from these devices provides meaningful insights to improv
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The Changing Face of the Modern CIO
In 1981 the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) first breaks onto the scene. Today, thirty five years since genesis
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10 Apps Syncing to the Pulse of Your Life
Industry, IoT
We live in a burgeoning on-demand economy. Services have transcended the physical establishments of restaurants, banks,
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Choosing the Right Infrastructure for IoT
In Memory Database, IoT
The infrastructure of IoT will have a real-time database behind every sensor. Soon every device with a sensor will blend
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Predictions 2016: the Impact of Real-Time Data
Analytics, In-Memory, Industry, IoT, Real-time
Prediction 1. The industrial internet moves to real-time data pipelines The industrial internet knits together big data,
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Everyone Deserves Nice Things
Cloud, Company, IoT
Software is eating the world! It’s a data explosion! The Internet is now of Things! Scratch that, even better R
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MemSQL Helios eclipse
MemSQL Helios
The World’s Fastest Cloud Database