Thank You for Your Help NoSQL, but We Got It from Here
Hadoop, NoSQL, SQL
It’s time for us to admit what we have all known is true for a long time: NoSQL is the wrong tool for many of the mode
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Case Study: MemSQL Replaces Hadoop for Managing 2 Million New-Style Utility Meters
Case Study, Hadoop, IoT, Kafka, Time Series
SME Solutions Group is a MemSQL partner. An SME customer, a utility company, was installing a new meter network, compris
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Case Study: Moving to Kafka and AI at a Major Technology Services Company
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Hadoop, Kafka
How does a major technology services company equip itself to compete in the digital age – and provide services so outs
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HDFS Pipelines Supporting Kerberos and Wire Encryption in MemSQL 6.8
Hadoop, MemSQL 6.8, Security
Many companies, including our customers, have invested heavily in Hadoop infrastructure. In a recent blog post, we explo
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Mapping and Reducing the State of Hadoop
Hadoop, Performance
In this blog post, part one of a two-part series, we look at the state of Hadoop from a macro perspective. In the second
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Case Study: Augmenting Hadoop with MemSQL at a Fortune 50 Company
Apache Kafka, Case Study, CDC, Hadoop
A Fortune 50 company tried traditional SQL databases, then Hadoop, to manage financial updates company-wide. They finall
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Webinar: Data Lake Advances in the Age of Operational ML/AI
Bill Vorhies of Data Science Central and Rick Negrin of MemSQL recently delivered a webinar on data lakes and the use of
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From Big to Now: The Changing Face of Data
Data Warehouse, Hadoop, Industry, Lambda Architecture, Real-time, SQL
Data is changing. You knew that. But the dialog over the past 10 years around big data and Hadoop is rapidly moving to d
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Real-Time Stream Processing Architecture with Hadoop and MemSQL
Hadoop, Lambda Architecture, Real-time
While MemSQL and Hadoop are both data stores, they fill different roles in the data processing and analytics stack. The
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MemSQL Helios eclipse
MemSQL Helios
The World’s Fastest Cloud Database