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Stop the Insanity: Eliminating Data Infrastructure Sprawl
Analytics, Cloud, Database, Financial Services, IoT, Machine Learning, NoSQL
There is a trend in industry which says that modern applications need to be built on top of one or more special-purpose
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From Big Data to Fast Data with SME Solutions Group and MemSQL
Analytics, Financial Services, IoT, Partners
SME Solutions Group helps institutions manage risks and improve operations, and they’ve chosen MemSQL as a databas
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Fiserv on Machine Learning & Real-Time Analytics at Financial Institutions
Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Webinar
In this webinar, which you can view here, Manish Pandey tells us about the transformative effect real-time data, machine
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Why Do Banks Need Real-Time Transaction Processing?
Financial Services, Real-time, Research
A new report from RT Insights describes the benefits of real-time transaction processing in banking and financial servic
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Case Study: Fraud Detection “On the Swipe” For a Major US Bank
Case Study, Financial Services, Performance, SQL
This case study was originally presented as part of a webinar session by Mike Boyarski, Sr. Director of Product Marketin
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Webinar: Modernizing Portfolio Analytics for Reduced Risk and Better Performance
Analytics, Financial Services, Kafka, Spark, Webinar
In this webinar Rick Negrin, Product Management VP at MemSQL, describes the importance of portfolio analytics, enhanced
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Webinar: Providing Better Wealth Management
Case Study, Financial Services, Webinar
Wealth management is an intensely competitive offering for banks and other financial services institutions. It requires
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The Need for Operational Analytics
Analytics, Financial Services, Gartner, Kafka, Spark
The proliferation of streaming analytics and instant decisions to power dynamic applications, as well as the rise of pre
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Webinar: Data Innovation in Financial Services
Apache Kafka, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, Machine Learning, Webinar
In this webinar, MemSQL Product Marketing Manager Mike Boyarski describes trends in data initiatives for banks and other
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MemSQL Helios eclipse
MemSQL Helios
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