How to Deploy MemSQL on the Mesosphere DCOS
Engineering, Mesosphere
The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) is a distributed operating system designed to span all machines in a d
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The Resurgence of Scala for Big Data
Engineering, Scala
Big Data Scala by the Bay, Aug 16-18, is shaping up to be an engaging event, and will bring together top data engineers,
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Download the New and Improved MemSQL Ops
The latest release of MemSQL Ops – version 4.0.34 – is now available for download! In this release, we are
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How to Make a Believable Benchmark
A benchmark asks a specific question, makes a guess about the expected result, and confirms or denies it with experiment
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How We Hire Remarkable Engineers
Company, Engineering
To achieve our vision of building the next great database company, we seek the highest caliber engineers. Each team memb
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Run MemSQL in Minutes with Docker
Docker, Engineering
Evaluating software infrastructure is important, but it should not be difficult. You should be able to try and see quick
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Boost Conversions with Overlap Ad Targeting
Engineering, SQL
Digital advertising is a numbers game played out over billions of interactions. Advertisers and publishers build predict
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Turn Up the Volume With High-Speed Counters
Engineering, Real-time
Scaling tends to make even simple things, like counting, seem difficult. In the past, businesses used specialized databa
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Geospatial Intelligence Coming to MemSQL
Engineering, Geospatial
This week at the Esri Developers Summit in Palm Springs, our friends at Esri are previewing upcoming features for the ne
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MemSQL Helios eclipse
MemSQL Helios
The World’s Fastest Cloud Database