Katoni Migrates from Elasticsearch to MemSQL for Scandinavian SaaS
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Since MemSQL became free to use last November – for up to four nodes, and with community support – new, crea
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Webinar: Delivering Operational Analytics with MemSQL
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MemSQL product marketing leader Mike Boyarski led the webinar, describing how MemSQL is well-positioned to power operati
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Forrester Finds Millions in Savings and New Opportunities in Digital Transformation with MemSQL
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A new wave of digital transformation is in progress, and this new wave is powered by the exponential growth in the volum
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“MemSQL’s Columnstore Blows All of the Free and Open Source Solutions Out of the Water” — Actual User
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A columnstore database takes all the values in a given column – the zip code column in a customer database, for in
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Webinar: The Benchmark Breakthrough Using MemSQL
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MemSQL has reached a benchmarking breakthrough: the ability to run three very different database benchmarks, fast, on a
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Query Processing Improvements in MemSQL 6.8
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In this blog post, I’ll focus on new query processing capabilities in MemSQL 6.8. The marquee query feature is jus
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Customer Saves $60K per Month on Move from AWS RDS and to MemSQL
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A MemSQL customer previously ran their business on two databases: the Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service (A
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The Need for Operational Analytics
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The proliferation of streaming analytics and instant decisions to power dynamic applications, as well as the rise of pre
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Emmy-Winning SSIMWAVE Chooses MemSQL for Scalability, Performance, and More
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SSIMWAVE customers – from film producers to network engineers to media business executives – work to some of the
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