Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds Report Puts MemSQL at the Top
A recent Dresner report, the Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study, includes MemSQL for the first time. The report
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Stop the Insanity: Eliminating Data Infrastructure Sprawl
Analytics, Cloud, Database, Financial Services, IoT, Machine Learning, NoSQL
There is a trend in industry which says that modern applications need to be built on top of one or more special-purpose
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What MemSQL Can Do for Time-Series Applications
Analytics, Pipelines, Time Series
In earlier blog posts we described what time series data is and key characteristics of a time series database. In this b
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Case Study: Moving to Kafka and AI at a Major Technology Services Company
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Hadoop, Kafka
How does a major technology services company equip itself to compete in the digital age – and provide services so outs
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From Big Data to Fast Data with SME Solutions Group and MemSQL
Analytics, Financial Services, IoT, Partners
SME Solutions Group helps institutions manage risks and improve operations, and they’ve chosen MemSQL as a databas
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Case Study: Emmy-Winning SSIMWAVE Chooses MemSQL for Scalability, Performance, and More
Analytics, Case Study, SQL
SSIMWAVE customers – from film producers to network engineers to media business executives – work to some of the
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A Technical Introduction to MemSQL
Analytics, Columnstore, Engineering, In-Memory, Relational, Rowstore, SQL
John Sherwood, a senior engineer at MemSQL on the query optimizer team, presented at MemSQL’s Engineering Open House i
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Webinar: Modernizing Portfolio Analytics for Reduced Risk and Better Performance
Analytics, Financial Services, Kafka, Spark, Webinar
In this webinar Rick Negrin, Product Management VP at MemSQL, describes the importance of portfolio analytics, enhanced
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Case Study: Replacing Exadata with MemSQL to Power Portfolio Analytics and Machine Learning
Analytics, Case Study, Machine Learning, Oracle, Performance
This case study was presented as part of a webinar session by Rick Negrin, VP of Product Management at MemSQL. In the we
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MemSQL Helios eclipse
MemSQL Helios
The World’s Fastest Cloud Database