MemSQL Cloud

Introducing MemSQL Cloud

Rick Negrin
Rick Negrin

I am excited to announce the general availability of MemSQL Cloud. MemSQL Cloud has been running for many months with a set of customers as we built out the system, but today, we are opening up the service to everyone.

The computing world is in the midst of a once-in-a-generation shift. That shift is moving to the cloud. Cloud platforms enable a level of agility that allows enterprises to move faster than ever before, and provides opportunity for new scenarios and a chance to modernize infrastructure. It also, if done correctly, allows organizations to run more cost-effectively.

But moving production grade data processing to the cloud is not trivial. It comes with compatibility, security, and manageability challenges. There is no magic that allows you to move your infrastructure with the push of a button. Moving to the cloud takes diligence, planning, and time to do it right.

MemSQL Cloud is About Choice

Beyond cloud native organizations, a large majority of enterprise companies are part way or just getting started with a cloud transition. This means that companies need a platform that can help them straddle the on-premises world they live in today, and the cloud world they are moving to tomorrow. MemSQL is a key part of that platform. As a real-time data warehouse you can run anywhere, MemSQL runs as a service, it can be run by your IT staff in any cloud platform, or in your on-premises infrastructure. MemSQL supports customers who are in the middle of a cloud transition by creating a smooth path with one platform that works everywhere.

Service Details

MemSQL Cloud is a managed service. That means you get the same MemSQL engine with its incredibly fast ingest of data, fast queries, support for high levels of concurrency, robust security features, and scale out architecture.

In addition, MemSQL takes care of managing the cluster for you. Provisioning of the VMs, the storage, and all the AWS or Microsoft Azure resources are handled by us. Updates, upgrades, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the infrastructure are all managed. This allows you to focus on building and tuning the schema and queries for your application.

Today, MemSQL Cloud clusters can be created in AWS or Microsoft Azure in North America. In the near future, we will support other regions and additional cloud platforms.

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