Big Data Holds Big Benefits for National Security Programs



The Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (ICITE) initiative, one of the federal government’s most complex and sensitive technology projects, aims to transform the current 17-member U.S. Intelligence Community from agency-specific IT silos to an enterprise environment of shared services and systems. The goal of the project is to cut federal costs and to improve information sharing and data security across intelligence agencies.

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With the rapid growth of sensor platforms across the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, we expect there to be a strong desire to centrally store and share this data. The ability to not only consolidate infrastructure costs through these efforts, but to also provide real-time centralized analytics from big data fusion factories would allow for seamless sharing and cross-platform situational awareness. Implementing an updated real-time data system can, for example, give war-fighters instantaneous access to high-value information from several agencies at any location at any time, even across disparate sensor platforms.

This ability to fuse disparate big data elements in real-time, in memory, is the latest force multiplier to be added to the intelligence community’s IT arsenal. By integrating existing internal decision making processes such as OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), organizations can capitalize on modern technologies to significantly enhance execution. Using this example, the organization that can process the OODA loop faster than the competition will ultimately prevail.

Technologies such as MemSQL’s distributed in-memory database can help intelligence agencies rapidly build next-generation applications that ensure information dominance while decreasing total cost of ownership.

MemSQL can be the glue that will help five disparate intelligence agencies extract real-time information – and better yet – make sense of it all very quickly by providing the needed situational awareness and visibility.

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