Rick Negrin

Rick Negrin

Stop the Insanity: Eliminating Data Infrastructure Sprawl
Analytics, Cloud, Database, Financial Services, IoT, Machine Learning, NoSQL
There is a trend in industry which says that modern applications need to be built on top of one or more special-purpose
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Thank You for Your Help NoSQL, but We Got It from Here
Hadoop, NoSQL, SQL
It’s time for us to admit what we have all known is true for a long time: NoSQL is the wrong tool for many of the mode
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Why MemSQL? Part 3: MemSQL 7.0 In Depth
MemSQL 7.0, SingleStore, System of Record
MemSQL VP of Product Rick Negrin describes the upcoming MemSQL 7. 0 in depth. He describes crucial features such as fast
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Why MemSQL? Part 2: MemSQL Helios In-Depth
AWS, Cloud, MemSQL Helios
This blog post shares the second part of our recent webinar, MemSQL Helios and MemSQL 7.0 Overview. (Part 1 is here.) In
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Why MemSQL? Part 1: MemSQL Database Overview
Enterprise, Operational Analytics, Thought Leadership
This blog post shares the initial section of our recent webinar, MemSQL Helios and MemSQL 7.0 Overview. In this first pa
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The Need for Operational Analytics
Analytics, Financial Services, Gartner, Kafka, Spark
The proliferation of streaming analytics and instant decisions to power dynamic applications, as well as the rise of pre
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Pre-Modern Databases: OLTP, OLAP, and NoSQL
Analytics, NoSQL
In this blog post, the first in a two-part series, I’m going to describe pre-modern databases: traditional relational
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Selecting the Right Database for Your Scale Demands
Capacity Planning
Scaling distributed systems is hard. Scaling a distributed database is really hard. Databases are particularly hard to s
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A New Toolset for Managing and Monitoring MemSQL
MemSQL 6.7
Today, we introduced a new toolset for MemSQL that makes it easier to deploy, manage, troubleshoot, and monitor MemSQL.
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Rick Negrin
Rick Negrin
Rick runs the Product Management team at MemSQL, and worked 12 years at Microsoft mostly on the SQL Server team.
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