Lesia Myroshnichenko

Lesia Myroshnichenko

Should You Use a Rowstore or a Columnstore?
The terms rowstore and columnstore have become household names for database users. The general consensus is that
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MemSQL Meetups – Year in Review
It has been six months since we began hosting meetups regularly at MemSQL. Our office is located in the heart of SoMa, t
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Case Study: How Tradelab Enables Real-Time Bidding with MemSQL
In-Memory, Real-time, Success Stories
Tradelab, a programmatic marketing platform company based in France, uses MemSQL to process and analyze real-time biddin
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The Benefits of an In-Memory Database
In Memory Database
Our CTO and co-founder Nikita Shamgunov recently sat down with Software Engineering Daily. In the interview, Nikita focu
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Introducing the First MemSQL Video Training Series
SQL, Training
We are thrilled to have Carlos Bueno, Product Manager at MemSQL and an expert in performance tuning, as the leader of ma
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What’s Hot and What’s Not in Working With Data
Data is often considered to be the foundation of many global businesses. Data fuels daily operations, from customer tran
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Essential Resources for Apache Spark
Case Study, Geospatial, Spark
There’s no doubt about it. Apache Spark is well on its way to becoming a ubiquitous technology. Over the past yea
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Reference Post – MemSQL Tags
Here is the list of tags that keep MemSQL in sync: Industry #finance #media #energy #hightech #retail #publicsector #oth
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Lesia Myroshnichenko
Lesia Myroshnichenko
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