Gene Miguel

Gene Miguel

Architecting Data in the AWS Ecosystem
AWS, Engineering, Events
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a juggernaut of a platform, and many of today’s database solutions can run on AWS, includ
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Recapping An Evening with MemSQL Engineering
Demo, Engineering, Events
Recently, we hosted a special meetup at our headquarters in San Francisco for the community, and shared some great talks
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An Engineering Approach to Database Evaluations
Database, Engineering
Whether you’re the CTO of the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, it could be very difficult to decide on your
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How Database Convergence Impacts the Coming Decades of Data Management
Analytics, Demo, Events
Within the database industry, there are often paradigm shifts in the market that create opportunities for new types of t
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Real-Time Streaming, Analytics, and Visualization with MemSQL and Zoomdata
Analytics, Partners, Zoomdata
We regularly host meetups at MemSQL headquarters as a way to share what we have been working on, connect with the commun
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Seeking a Rescue from a Traditional RDBMS
Data Warehouse
In the Beginning Years ago, organizations used transactional databases to run analytics. Database administrators struggl
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Real-Time Roadshow Rolls into Phoenix, Arizona
Events, Real-time
We’re packing our bags and heading to the Southwest to kick off the first ever MemSQL Real-Time Roadshow! Healthcare,
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The Changing Face of the Modern CIO
In 1981 the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) first breaks onto the scene. Today, thirty five years since genesis
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Gene Miguel
Gene Miguel
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