Gary Orenstein

Gary Orenstein

AI’s Secret Weapon: The Data Corpus
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Industry, Machine Learning
As industries latch on to the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we see firsthand that the key to suc
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The Analytics Race Amongst The World’s Largest Companies
Analytics, Real-time
The Analytics Race Amongst The World’s Most Valuable Companies Data is fueling the world’s most valuable companies.
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Real-Time and The Rise of Nano-Marketing
Analytics, Industry, Real-time
The tracking and targeting of our online lives is no secret. Once we browse to a pair of shoes on a website, we are remi
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From Big to Now: The Changing Face of Data
Data Warehouse, Hadoop, Industry, Lambda Architecture, Real-time, SQL
Data is changing. You knew that. But the dialog over the past 10 years around big data and Hadoop is rapidly moving to d
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Design Principles at MemSQL
Company, Product
At MemSQL, we believe that every company should have the opportunity to become a real-time enterprise. We believe that d
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ArcGIS, Spark & MemSQL Integration
Docker, Engineering, Geospatial, Spark
This is a guest post by Mansour Raad of Esri. We were fortunate to catch up with him at Strata+Hadoop World San Jose. Th
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Jumping the Database S-Curve
Adaptation and Reinvention Long term success hinges on adaptation and reinvention, especially in our dynamic world where
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SQL: The Technology That Never Left Is Back!
Industry, SQL
The Prelude The history of SQL, or Structured Query Language, dates back to 1970, when E.F. Codd, then of IBM Research,
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Everything We’ve Known About Data Movement Has Been Wrong
Engineering, Real-time
Data movement remains a perennial obstacle in systems design. Many talented architects and engineers spend significant a
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Gary Orenstein
Gary Orenstein
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