Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson

Query Processing Improvements in MemSQL 6.8
Analytics, MemSQL Studio
In this blog post, I’ll focus on new query processing capabilities in MemSQL 6.8. The marquee query feature is jus
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How to Use MemSQL with Intel’s Optane Persistent Memory
Cloud, In-Memory, Industry, Product, Thought Leadership
Intel’s new Optane DC persistent memory adds a new performance option for MemSQL users. After careful analysis, we’v
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What MemSQL Can Do for Time-Series Applications
Analytics, Pipelines, Time Series
In earlier blog posts we described what time series data is and key characteristics of a time series database. In this b
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DZone Webinar – MemSQL for Time Series, Real Time, and Beyond
Pipelines, SQL, Webinar
Eric Hanson, Principal Product Manager at MemSQL, is an accomplished data professional with decades of relevant experien
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MemSQL 6.7 Performance Improvements
Engineering, MemSQL 6.7
Performance is in MemSQL’s DNA. Last March, we shattered the trillion-rows-per-second scan barrier for processing
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Performance Improvements in MemSQL 6.5
Announcements, MemSQL 6.5, Performance, Product
With MemSQL 6.5, the fastest database just got a lot faster. MemSQL is a performance-oriented product that capitalizes o
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Shattering the Trillion-Rows-Per-Second Barrier With MemSQL
Announcements, Engineering, Product
Last week at the Strata Data Conference in San Jose, I had the privilege of demonstrating MemSQL processing over a trill
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Delivering Scalable Self-Service Analytics
Analytics, Real-time
Within 48 hours of launching Google Analytics as a free product, virtually all of Google’s servers crashed. Eric Schmi
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Arrays – A Hidden Gem in MemSQL
Engineering, Product, SQL
Released this March, MemSQL 6 Beta 1 introduced MemSQL Procedural SQL (MPSQL). MPSQL supports the creation of: User-Defi
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Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson
Principal Product Manager at MemSQL
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